If it ended today

If it ended today
If it ended today with Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.
His body taken away, In a sealed tomb.
Nothing else would have to say. Well, it would be equal to Muhammad
Buddha, Gandhi, or many other so-called enlightened.
Were his words studied as teacher or philosopher
Observed that much, pensou.Tirando all moral teachings.
Way of life for the world to teach, responses show us how to live.
But ….. There’s something grand that JESUS ​​all these sets.
It is the third day his dead body and buried,
resurfaced in life … Yes, the Risen Christ
His tomb was empty and he was a changed body
Seen there for many … They are more than five hundred.
These remained until a few ate!
Ate that rose to heaven “Sacrifice accepted.”
It … The Lamb of God!
Who paid for our sins with his blood were bought
Nothing else to do … Leave it to him to accept.
As the only son of God, who gave me eternal life.
And … if he raised … When it gets’m alive.
Not speak to shock … And ‘he and’ the only son of God!
Therefore … New creature I am.
And when one day die
I will also raise
For sure I know I’ll ………………

POINTS IN THE “iiiiii”s

POINTS IN THE “iiiiii”s

A text out of context, and ‘excuse for heresy!
How and ‘possible that something so beautiful and majestic dimensions and consequences of single, is so long distorted, poorly told, and in such an uncharacteristic evil.
 And us with a false spirit of understanding, and in a way misleading and politically correct, nothing we say or refuted not to shock or annoy!

I know that many people have never read it and some did, read parts indicated by those they believe are true connoisseurs exposed in this book called THE BIBLE. And today defend tooth and nail, theses liars, and stories!

But now take the liberty to issue a challenge to you to read this text and we never read the Bible as a whole and has the excuse that it is a book to be boring and tiring! But when provoked or challenged in their way of believing, arrives to use it somehow. Most often quoting passages until they kidnapped a context of an alleged support for the Faith which propagates.

Others use it on the table open in one of the psalms or even in the gospels, but when and ‘to read a book is a revelation erronia parallel and masked, it was one that read connoisseur of true biblical message as soon recognize as being a false doctrine with a deceitful and misleading message which opened that book there on the table and as a highlight and ‘recognized as a cornerstone, is actually being distorted, ignored and mischaracterized!

Know at this point some of you who came this far, should already be calling me crazy, wretched, fanatical, lunatic, and with most modern word “guava”.

But, I ask you to be tolerant and read some more and if you disagree comments will be accepted and promise not to erase them provided you keep the line of education and respect. May challenge the way you want!

Let then the fact of why I have written this text:

The Bible is not ‘a book with independent books, it is being told a story, by various authors, where even separated by time factor, speak of the same thing giving continuity to a message to the world … The coming of a SAVIOR.

All books Old Testament speaks in a figurative form of a mainspring, a stone support or fundamental (cornerstone). And he and ‘shown in figurative form, or shadows.

It would be like today if the mass media began to announce a product, still unknown to the public, and that was being revealed gradually. So that when the shelves of supermarkets, was recognized and accepted by its characteristics, color and brand! Knowing what to serve its efficiency and utility.

And ‘well what about the bible, men chosen at different times, the unique and great God, Author of this here call the product still unknown! Were sent with your life and way of living, which announce the features and efficiency of this product! Take for example that Moses as a shadow or figure of what would one day be the reality of Christ came to show as the deliverer of his people, and thus freed the people of Israel from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt for over 400 years.

Likewise Jesus Christ freed the world from the slavery of sin (and the wages of sin and ‘death!) And because the real than Moses was only the figure or shadow!

Many other examples could also be cited as: Jose David, Ezra and others who would like shadows than real, were chosen by God to announce to your product, which from now on, call the Son!

This great and wonderful day arrived. The first four books of the New Testament, tells us that the Messiah arrived on earth by both announced and taught in so many ways what features would. It would be like Moses … The liberating! Like David … The King! As Ezra …. The priest!

Because as quoted in John 3:17 – God sent his Son into the world not to convict the world but that the world might be saved through Him

Or: John 3:16 – God so loved the world so much that he gave his own begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life!

In these two verses, is the stratum of the message comina with verse 3:18. the same chapter of John – He that believeth not, and ‘condemned, but whoever does not believe is already condemned, because he has not believed in the name of the Son of God!

As I said this and ‘stratum of the whole biblical story. But she only and ‘stratum. Why stand in all the previous books, and not to be an isolated verse “separated by some convenience”!

Many say that Jesus Christ, It is an example to be followed, and that the ‘one truth! But actually deny Him as the only way, truth and life. Descaracterizando its true function of the Lord and Savior of mankind. For He was the one who made the sacrifice necessary and acceptable to God our Father!

And these men putting this (Jesus) in a showcase, propagate it as a great teacher, when in fact they are propagating doctrines and teaching of other teachers, even if they are always talking and falsely propagating a flag of Christ ….. Let it be understood because, according to the complete word that there is only one Christ, one sacrifice, one savior … And as He said: This is consumadoOu this achievement, nothing can add!

He and ‘the first resurrection (first fruits), and that if I or you to read, even if full of good works and charity … Do not accept God’s plan (well explained throughout the bible).

That Christ came, lived, was crucified and RESURRECTED! Which are sinners and need to repent of our sins and receive his Son as Lord and Savior of our lives!

We can not say that we are Christians, simply because they do not accept it as salvation!

I know that the text can be considered not politically correct! But it is clear that and ‘what God’s word says and not how I think or understand!

And unless you do not believe that the Bible and ‘a book inspired by God, you could not disagree with what I’m talking about …. For it is written

May the lord bless!

Source water gushing

Source water gushing

Source water gushing
Flipping droplets on the lake
Sun lights them touch
Resulting in a beautiful rainbow
Forming a Constancia in different colors
Collaboration of numerous drops and tireless
That per millisecond
Contribute to that presentation
A real show on colors
To just fall back to the lake
Or be dissipated in the wind!
As life ……
Also as it drops
Keep this constant movement
Where, in a Átimo eternity.
We entered this place called time
Where we have this brief moment “or function”
And as water droplets
Are used for the demonstration
The glory of our Lord and God!
For long returning eternity ….

Meditating on the brevity of life and how
are important to the work we have been chosen by the Lord our God!!!!!!!

Nasser Queiroga

Any … Had another child.

Any … Had another child.

Any … Had another child.
She and ‘a beauty
For his name Eve
A cute ….. A cute!
Being a mother and ‘so good.
This has and ‘the third,
One of four, one of three.
Over a year the left
With his father abandoned!
Never returned to them
Nor sought.
Delivered to an adventure
And this pregnant!!
With a new love is sent
His children apparently
Do not remember his name now
…….. It was a great void
But this does not mean Any.
The photo of the little baby
He put on face book ……
She says ta so happy
…. But A void was

For you mothers who resigned and fought for their children. Often sacrificing and enduring as a lioness. And it Dumped her cubs! May the Lord bless you!

Stop….. it can hurt you!

Stop….. it can hurt you!

For much effort my friend?
Stop … Look, it can hurt you.
This is a danger!
Please try to obey
With your way of living,
For this.
The name King’s honor.
Okay, this is beautiful!
But trying to do,
Thinking about this
Will win a place.
And that through your sacrifice,
Prayers and penances
Ira pay your faults.
This is impossible!
It is a word that says:
There is only one accepted
He was the son of God
The Perfect Sacrifice
It was Him there on the cross
His name is JESUS​​!



The perfect imperfect to come to, in a perfect way, rescue the imperfection of his creation that once took communion together! Imperfection, rejecting his coming, refused to accept this setting, since this bothered by the way he acted, walked and lived.

Finding power in the imperfect way to resolve the situation, decided to do away with the beauty and kill him, trying with this attitude, stop what perfection was teaching – LOVE!

And they crucified him, or kill him! Without that moment realized that what they were doing with an imperfect solution! Would be used by the perfect, for the redemption of the imperfect, which HE loved so much!

Because …. all he did was out of love.

Came out!

Came out!

That voice ‘is, disturbing my sleep,
The heat and ‘this my whole body to run?
As before estivesse my body asleep
And suddenly voltasse the blood to circulate.
Came out!
Resonates strongly …… this voice.
Where am I? … Be mysterious Tao.
Mal Posso stay!
Wait …. And ‘uma door
He has alguém there
E ‘u light
His voice and ‘I call
Penetrates my ears
Echoing inside of me
And elementary sim … My friend Jesus.
What with his voice
You are telling me …..
Lazaro VEM out!
I’m going to my friend
I will my Senhor
I will ……….

IF you believe you will see THE GLORY OF GOD!



Wonderful Creator, which endows the creature
an inspiration he offered
feelings of beauty that was created by Him
only seen by him presented to the senses!

Gave us sensitivities of seeing numa flower
textures, scents, colors and beauty
Or even in a breeze, feel the love
Be a magnanimous and too superior!

And the poet describes in The … Even rude
the grandeur, beauty of the God who created it,
Transformed into art without knowing the miude!

Knowing He limits of its creation
teaches his secrets with love and attention
In these poems, carry on emotion


Stepping on the clouds with hurried steps
There’s a demented … Every smoky.
The dull mind such based
That which makes walking drunk dancer!
Superman flying, like a boy.
Colliding with buildings, never existing.
Looking back, sides pros and practices forward.
Because of a powder … Just injected.
The crack in the face .. What led slap
The face powder, as white and without snow.
Hallucinations practical remedy prescribed
Delusions already trembling with alcohol taken
Life already pruned every second
Living a nightmare world garish
One day the king … Now beggar.
Everything just by pressing the new experiment
Prior to gentle villain now.
Able to kill, steal, attack.
Since it can with the money
For in his flight to come back!
Family Values ​​finished … distant.
No more rampant all know
Brain in short .. Burnt circuit
Walking undead still living!
Coffin made ​​inhuman world
Sale of death as enrichment
Lives which decimated movies movie
What goes in the scene is the whim
Living in dreams nightmares finds
Worms that now inhabit his being
The land that now covers your body
It is the only obstacle …. That prevent the live

Poor man tells me …. Who?

Poor man tells me …. Who?

Poor man tells me …. Who deceives
Or speaking this lie to you?
If you want to close your eyes for a second.
Then respond to any question that you do!
What have you more than this moment
In these living breathing?
The past … Answer me have control,
Could anything done there change?
And with the attitude of this
The riddle of the past affect?
The future … You sure, I answered,
Tomorrow will you be there?
And suddenly … Here now.
Close the channels through which they breathe?
It therefore remains for you this gift.
Here as “This Day” will call
Devote yourself to live it properly
The best that can run
For being in the form of live it
The secret (Past and Future) affect
For if tomorrow we get to nonexistent
Depending on how act in this
The past we can rejoice!
Therefore I will live my present
Always giving the best that is in me
And if I have tomorrow as this.
I’ll be sure … That the past is now present.
It was done as a regalo (gift)
What is the future prac me!