Stepping on the clouds with hurried steps
There’s a demented … Every smoky.
The dull mind such based
That which makes walking drunk dancer!
Superman flying, like a boy.
Colliding with buildings, never existing.
Looking back, sides pros and practices forward.
Because of a powder … Just injected.
The crack in the face .. What led slap
The face powder, as white and without snow.
Hallucinations practical remedy prescribed
Delusions already trembling with alcohol taken
Life already pruned every second
Living a nightmare world garish
One day the king … Now beggar.
Everything just by pressing the new experiment
Prior to gentle villain now.
Able to kill, steal, attack.
Since it can with the money
For in his flight to come back!
Family Values ​​finished … distant.
No more rampant all know
Brain in short .. Burnt circuit
Walking undead still living!
Coffin made ​​inhuman world
Sale of death as enrichment
Lives which decimated movies movie
What goes in the scene is the whim
Living in dreams nightmares finds
Worms that now inhabit his being
The land that now covers your body
It is the only obstacle …. That prevent the live

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