I urge to fast my religiosity

I urge to fast my religiosity

I urge to fast my religiosity
I need to get the masks to undo my true self
Charges placed by people around me were in their being
Expectations and ways of how to be a Christian.
And I in my spiritual childishness,
received as being the correct way to live with God!
If the donkey is tired and falls …. Because of its excessive load
Why then instead of the unburdened your load, keep poking and twisting the tail,
for it to get up and keep walking?
If Christ has made us free and taught the love and grace of the Father!
Why do we keep putting others on our “” I think “legalistic?
With denominational principles and standards, which are useless.
  Unless hinder true relationship with God?
“Come to me you who are weary and discouraged” … And I (Christ) the rest.
For my burden is light and my yoke and meek! ”
Are today, whether you like it or not, spiritual monstrosities.
Created by men
That taking advantage of a poor understanding of biblical truth. In most cases, even for interreses egoitas or vested. Cast on others its rules and regulations, which in the guise of kindness and verdade.Tornam the new convert as a copy of their way of believing!
Imprisoning the uninformed, the religious chains! Away from the little knowledge of peace and true communion with God Father!



Who learned to forgive
Conjugates the verb to love
Give value to life
Feel loved (o) or honey (the)
Other respects be
Tolerates poor knowledge of
Smile and also cry
Bad things never spread
Whether well and loves those who live
Yes for you …
That rejects egocentrism.
Jumps off the pedantry
Divide your bread with others
Holds no hatred or bitterness
Advocates reconciliation
Commitment to fulfill handshake
Loves poetry, music and song.
And peace and love
And who does not share the horror!
If you logged in.
I call you here (my brother)
A hug grip
Kiss the heart
For admire oteu way of being
I confess it’s true I’m a fan of you
Encourage these there not giving up
Life is beautiful be right there
Only he who knows how to love wins!
Respect and forgive
And is willing to donate


Sad fact born

And just know: I’m dead!

Comes the revelation

Spirit birth abortion … what!

Force “curse”: Sin
Is there a solution?

Comes the resurrection … JESUS​​!

Vitoria Vitoria ______________

Spirit before dead now LIVE.

Oh glory Oh ​​glory!!



As well which suddenly
Which slight toothache
Made me want to write
And I did not make myself crossbow
Much less scoundrel
Put laziness aside
Began fingering
Without penalty and without script
See where it is practical to get!
I thought writing about love
Passion Politics religion
Best thought … this does not
I will talk about is life
The beauty that is in it
In the good that is breathing
Observe the beauty around
See the birds singing flying
Children playing in park
Mothers closely watching
The flowers perfuming the air
And beautifying the landscape
It’s so much around
passing unnoticed
For a second life
See is me aquieto
I am privileged
For the senses awake
To watch this!
And complete the writing
With lips to praise
Thank you my Lord
Mighty God of Love
What you put here to strum
Describing life in life
Now that this ticking!

What hurts me

What hurts me

What hurts me is to make sure that this time
Here in this immense city in the dead of night or day full em
More than u criança is being abused or violated
Miscellaneous other is sofrendo by abandonment and neglect!
 What hurts me … It is learned that the miscellaneous OUR young
Today is starting a weird life prostituição
Induced by fork or misrepresented minds
Which of those bodies MONEY exigem the Prazeres!
What hurts … and sees life um parent being reaped
The conviviality of his home and wife and Filhos
For um mad irresponsible drunk
Seeking in Alcool um comfort or escape
For Posse mask the lack of confiança and Segurança
De quem ele Sejas it!
And even knowing that because of a weird internal pain at this time
U blade razor sharp cuts Brace, leg and stomach
Em cuts fine, accurate ….
Trying with this cause u pain
To try to drown out the immensity of the pain inside!
Há my sister what hurts me is to know that lack of love
The streets is being invaded by drug
As marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine
Provided by sick minds that Veems
In the lives of users u only source of income
For their ambitions realized sejam
No matter if esteja with it being destroyed lives and families!
What hurts me, and know that Today em muitos countries
Existem laws with severe penalties for turtle egg um
Uma species of animal or plant sejam Protected,
(No. think with this I Sejas against preservação and proteção the species!)
Enquanto these same rulers criam, Dao resort and incentivam
For from within the womb of mothers Filhos, “human like me and voices”
Sejas torn, dead and lançados in the trash.
Without NEM um kind of punishment for these quem assassinatos praticam!
Oh … miserable and corrupt world of inverted values
Person who takes the beauty of the sensitivity
What a weird way to cauteriza the subtle consciousness
And doctrine to the human being to have the belief
That the material power, status and want
Justifica their attitudes insane and corrupt.
Where tudo is allowed to be a weird life I HAVE SUCCESS!
What comforts me ….
What comforts me to know that perhaps the voices
At this point to read this text
I HAVE been em algum moment of his life
Played by Uma força higher calling God
And in a weird way, the miscellaneous Vèze, considered mad
For the great majority insensitive to Passa and notes
Sim Voices … I HAVE been freed from algumas these formulas and concepts

This slavery that mantinha this model prisoner and sick
This … called “modern world.”
Without moral values, respect or scruples!
And in a weird way I HAVE been on natural
Touched and transformed contagiado pela was true love!

The great victory

The great victory
It’s simple … but complicated
Leave it to the beholder
But for those who see
And are blind …… A crazy!
It is impossible to understand …
The truth we know
What was the sacrifice
Christ has redeemed us.
But He came and died
First lived here
Fulfilling all the law
Not a comma broke.
After the men surrendered
To be crucified
As determined
Why “They” three in heaven (FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT)
Clean, pure, unsullied
For He never sinned!
And how holy lamb
With his blood be shed
He has risen
Arrived and offered to the Father
Blood of much value
Paying for our sins
Blood of the Redeemer
shed by man!

Thank you my Lord!