If it ended today

If it ended today
If it ended today with Jesus Christ hanging on the cross.
His body taken away, In a sealed tomb.
Nothing else would have to say. Well, it would be equal to Muhammad
Buddha, Gandhi, or many other so-called enlightened.
Were his words studied as teacher or philosopher
Observed that much, pensou.Tirando all moral teachings.
Way of life for the world to teach, responses show us how to live.
But ….. There’s something grand that JESUS ​​all these sets.
It is the third day his dead body and buried,
resurfaced in life … Yes, the Risen Christ
His tomb was empty and he was a changed body
Seen there for many … They are more than five hundred.
These remained until a few ate!
Ate that rose to heaven “Sacrifice accepted.”
It … The Lamb of God!
Who paid for our sins with his blood were bought
Nothing else to do … Leave it to him to accept.
As the only son of God, who gave me eternal life.
And … if he raised … When it gets’m alive.
Not speak to shock … And ‘he and’ the only son of God!
Therefore … New creature I am.
And when one day die
I will also raise
For sure I know I’ll ………………

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