Source water gushing

Source water gushing

Source water gushing
Flipping droplets on the lake
Sun lights them touch
Resulting in a beautiful rainbow
Forming a Constancia in different colors
Collaboration of numerous drops and tireless
That per millisecond
Contribute to that presentation
A real show on colors
To just fall back to the lake
Or be dissipated in the wind!
As life ……
Also as it drops
Keep this constant movement
Where, in a Átimo eternity.
We entered this place called time
Where we have this brief moment “or function”
And as water droplets
Are used for the demonstration
The glory of our Lord and God!
For long returning eternity ….

Meditating on the brevity of life and how
are important to the work we have been chosen by the Lord our God!!!!!!!

Nasser Queiroga

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